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It’s a New Year and We’re baaaacccckkkk!!!


With the start of a new year everyone has “new years resolutions”, most of which fall by the wayside before February 1st! I’ve often wondered why that is.  Is it because we don’t put enough thought into them, or we aren’t disciplined enough to carry them through or maybe it’s because we really weren’t serious about them in the first place.  I’m not sure what the reasons are, but none the less, here it is January 2011, and I’ve made a few resolutions and set some goals for myself. One of which is doing a 365/photo a day project of pictures taken with my iPhone.  My hope is that you will enjoy seeing them and commenting on them as much as I will enjoy and have fun taking them!!


So to get the ball rolling here are the first 4 photos…  


Day 1… Sunrise from our driveway!


Day 2… New growth through the snow!


Day 3… Sir Bob wanting to surf in Seattle!


Day 4… Frozen pond up the street.


I hope that you will comment and give me some encouragement… 365 days is a long time!!!


  1. Trish Turner says:

    i’m looking forward to, will it be an everyday upload or you’ll just upload them every once in awhile?

  2. Penny and Darci Palmer says:

    Trish, I’m going to try to post everyday… no promises though… LOL

  3. Thierry de Froidmont says:

    We are waiting 😉 Thanks for your comment !