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MODEL ADVENTURES: “Setting up the Big Take”

Ever wake up one morning and think, “this would be an amazing picture”? I do. I’m frequently laughed at for using my iPhone drawing program to sketch out my very artistic stick figure poses and coordinated props. It’s the fastest way that I can get the image in my head[…] Read More →

MODEL ADVENTURES: “Avoiding the No-Shows or Slow-Go’s”

There is nothing worse than being the generous & kind photographer that thinks they’re helping out a model by doing a portfolio shoot TF or for a discounted fee – and the model no-shows. It feels much the same as when you hold a garage sale and no one shows[…] Read More →

MODEL ADVENTURES-“Tips From the Edge”

  When we first started working with models, we learned the hard way that making or updating a model’s portfolio required more than simply a model, a photographer, an expensive camera and some creative know-how. Both the model and the photographer have a lot of preparation to make the best[…] Read More →

Hello World!!

We’ve had a number of requests to fill you in on our adventures during a shoot and we want to show our appreciation to you so…WELCOME TO OUR BLOG!Where to start? Let’s go back in time and give you a few details about some of our earlier photo shoots.