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Always Learning and Having Fun Doing It

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Last night we had the pleasure of participating in a hands-on SmugMug tutorial session on Street Photography with photographer Paul Conrad. Participants ranged in age from early 20’s to early 60’s. We were all there for the same purpose –[…] Read More →

MODEL ADVENTURES: “Fashion Disasters”

What is bound to happen when you combine new fashion designs, new models and a new location for a photo shoot? ACK! What DOESN’T happen? Thankfully, no dresses were hurt in the making of the image and no models were lost over the edge of the cliff.   The first[…] Read More →

Art Exhibiting 101

Penny had the recent honor of having one of her maritime photographs selected to hang in the NW Maritime Art Exhibit in Port Townsend, Washington. Last night was the “Meet the Artists” Reception and Awards Presentation. The weather cleared up nicely for the long drive over and back.   Walking[…] Read More →

Meeting Mr. Groupawn through Social Networking

One thing about Social Networking is that you cross borders leaps and bounds before you even meet face to face. What was once known as a younger generation’s tool to stay plugged in has now become widely used across every generation of reader. Kids beg their parents for Facebook accounts[…] Read More →

Technology’s Playground -not just for Kids Anymore!

I’m sitting on a 6 hour flight next to a lovely older lady (did I mention older?) eagerly attempting to figure out her DigiPlayer rental. Now, for us whippersnappers, it’s second nature to jab at the small circular power button, plug in our headphones, manipulate the screen-based conventional menu choices[…] Read More →

MODEL ADVENTURES: “Setting up the Big Take”

Ever wake up one morning and think, “this would be an amazing picture”? I do. I’m frequently laughed at for using my iPhone drawing program to sketch out my very artistic stick figure poses and coordinated props. It’s the fastest way that I can get the image in my head[…] Read More →

MODEL ADVENTURES: “Avoiding the No-Shows or Slow-Go’s”

There is nothing worse than being the generous & kind photographer that thinks they’re helping out a model by doing a portfolio shoot TF or for a discounted fee – and the model no-shows. It feels much the same as when you hold a garage sale and no one shows[…] Read More →

MODEL ADVENTURES-“Tips From the Edge”

  When we first started working with models, we learned the hard way that making or updating a model’s portfolio required more than simply a model, a photographer, an expensive camera and some creative know-how. Both the model and the photographer have a lot of preparation to make the best[…] Read More →

Hello World!!

We’ve had a number of requests to fill you in on our adventures during a shoot and we want to show our appreciation to you so…WELCOME TO OUR BLOG!Where to start? Let’s go back in time and give you a few details about some of our earlier photo shoots.