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Life gives you a bowl of lemons and your parents tell you to make lemonade. Others tell you to pitch those lemons right back where they came from.  To keep myself entertained, I came up with a few other ideas for those nasty lemons.

1.     Clean your elbows… remove the dark spots for your next photo shoot

2.     Squeeze the lemon juice on your hair and sit in the sun for natural highlights.

3.     Use the lemon juice as ink and write out all your tormented thoughts and feelings… it’ll dry and become invisible… if you ever want to reread it, simply put it under a light and viola – there it is again.

4.     Slice one up and stab cloves in it to make an air freshener  (this is also therapeutic like a voodoo doll)

5.     Try this and sit contemplating why… drop a same sized lemon and lime into a bucket of water and determine why the lemon floats and the lime sinks…

Sometimes in photography, like in life, you have to see past what is right in front of your face to create the illusions that make art. 

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