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What is bound to happen when you combine new fashion designs, new models and a new location for a photo shoot? ACK! What DOESN’T happen? Thankfully, no dresses were hurt in the making of the image and no models were lost over the edge of the cliff.



The first outfit came off without a hitch (literally as we had to do quick parking lot outfit changes between sets) and the combat boots were helpful in getting the model through the vast greenery and up the tree.


The second gown sparkled in the twilight hours but we quickly realized that the model fitted for the outfit was a slightly different shape than the new model. A bit of adjusting here and there seemed to overcome all but the wrinkles in the gown… Who the heck thought to bring a steamer to the coast? Apparently, not us.

As we changed the model into the third outfit (a beautiful little black dress with amazing attention to detail), we hit a roadblock when we realized the dress was 2 sizes smaller than our model. As she stood there with the dress as a shirt we realized we’d better put her into a less revealing outfit – and quickly as the onlookers were about to pull out their camera phones.

Just as the sunset expanded into beautiful hues of orange and red, the park ranger came around and kicked us out.  What a rush… forest to ocean cliffs and complicated lighting changes all within the same shoot.

Live and Learn! We’re thankful to our models and designers for their incredible patience and cooperation!

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