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Photography has become an inexpensive and fantastic outlet to heighten the creativity in our children. Without the cost of film and developing, our children can take hundreds of pictures to capture what they find important to them. It’s an excellent way for them to express themselves! When you download their pictures, you can go through them together and learn what excites them and get a new insight into how their minds work.

We took our daughter and her friend on a photo scavenger hunt and let them take pictures of different items. One of the goals was a $1 prize for getting a picture of a plane in the air. This encouraged them to concentrate on getting the plane in the frame, adjust accordingly, focus, and keep trying. They had a blast and the cost of this creative outing? Minimal!

With the availability of inexpensive point-and-shoot digital cameras, you no longer need to worry about your youngster dropping or mishandling your own camera. Check out this deal on Amazon – $7 for a kids’ digital camera… You can’t beat the benefit for the cost. (We are Canon Equipment users and are not endorsing this Amazon brand, but even if it only works a few times, you can’t beat the price!):

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There are many really good websites with tips specifically for children. Check out this article with some real basic concepts:

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We hope that you will find the same joy in experiencing photography with your children as we do with ours! If you’re in the Seattle area, feel free to email us to join us on our next children’s photo excursion!




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