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The Road to Hana –

Carisoprodol 350 Mg For Sale

600 switchbacks

54 one-lane bridges

taking you past water falls, soaring cliffs and through tropical jungle.


That’s what’s advertised. Here’s what we experienced…


Buy Xanax Uk RedditThe ocean spreads across miles, gently lapping at the cliffs below on our left. Water streams from high above landing gracefully in pools to our right.  With the lemming effect in full force, every time we pulled over for a photo opp we were joined by a few other cars hoping for a peak at the wonders we must have uncovered.  It was as if our ohana grew at every turn.  We pointed out bends in the rock where the water flowed gracefully around and created beautiful images and had access trails pointed out to us to get closer to these natural beauties.  Every few mile markers drew us all back together as we laughed and admired as a group then split off individually for hikes and exploration.

We checked out lava tubes and climbed through caves. We stomped in mud and giggled as we ran in the rain. We pulled out our extremely outdated copy of Maui Revealed and compared our findings to that of author, Andrew Doughty. Some of the tips were spot-on and others missed the mark entirely, but the guide is humorous to read and kept us entertained along the 600 curves of tourist-packed road.

Buy Adipex 37.5 OnlineThe Seven Sacred Pools near the town of Hana was once one of Maui’s secrets – but now is a star attraction. The Pipiwai Stream begins its flow to the ocean two miles inland and as it makes its way, plunges over several waterfalls creating pools in between. We started our hike from the parking lot of the Haleakala National Forest Information Center and headed up. Up, up, up… the Pipiwai Trail.  The hike is four miles long and climbs 650 feet in elevation on its way to Waimoku Falls. We witnessed pregnant moms, elderly grandfathers with their young, and parents with babies strapped to their chests making the hike up across the rooted paths – all for a chance to experience the upper falls and cool-water pools.

Along the way you can take a dip in the Infinity Pool, framed by a row of large rocks separating it from a 200-foot waterfall if you’re willing to ignore the Danger warning signs posted since the last severe accident up there.  This pool takes a bit of effort to get to and the trail can be slippery in the rain, but its natural, secluded setting attracts people even with the posted signs. About halfway up the clouds moved over and dumped a bucket of rain on us. Thankfully the shelter of the many overlapping tree branches overhead as well as the banyan tree acted as a giant, natural umbrella.

Where To Buy KlonopinsAfter our hike we decided to complete the Hana Highway loop and returned to the South Side via the old work road. This was an experience within itself.




Buy Phentermine PakistanGone was the lush greenery and beautiful flowers.

Gone was the concept of “paved roads” as we know them.

Gone was my relaxed state-of-mind.

We bounced our way along the Southern Tip of Maui past the amazing 151 year old church and the bluffs overlooking  La Peruse. We stopped to stare into the big, beautiful eyes of the cattle but passed up the chili stand in the middle of nowhere. (Wonder where the hamburger came from?) We climbed our way up into Kula and through the acres of beautiful ranches and farms until we were back into familiar territory and smooth highways.

We’ve marked our favorite spots to return to on the Road to Hana. Maybe next time we’ll meet YOU at one of the pullouts! Aloha!



  1. You will definitely see us on one of the pull out spots. We love taking people all the way around the road. The backside is so different that it makes us appreciate the journey so much more.