Stella Blues Cafe closes after 23 years


We would like to honor Stella Blues Cafe as they are tasked with closing after 23 years of providing that ohana feeling to all their patrons.


We have had so many fun times there…

Stella Blues CafeStella Blues Cafe ClosesStella Blues Cafe Closes

We’ve been their customers, they’ve been our vendors.

We’ve been teammates and ohana.

Stella Blues Cafe ClosesStella Blues Cafe Closes

They’ve learned our favorite drinks and greet us with them as we walk in the door  –  We’ve learned their staff’s personal histories and their hobbies. We’ve become ohana.

It broke our hearts last night to read the emotional thoughts posted on Facebook. Stella Blues Cafe – the place you can go at almost any hour to grab a bite, a beer, meet a friend or make new ones, was closed.

Stella Blues Cafe ClosesThey’ve honored us by allowing us to have our quarterly bingo parties, our meetings, and our receptions there.  There aren’t many of us here in Kihei who can claim they haven’t had some sort of contact with the Stella Blues Cafe Ohana. There aren’t many of us who don’t feel the pain for this family that has so thoughtfully welcomed each and every one of us into theirs.

One time, we wanted to bring friends over for a birthday dessert… I messaged Kale and he helped me set up the secret surprise as we were en route to Stella Blues Cafe… the manager even ran over to Long’s and bought party accessories… all within the 15 minutes it took us to drive there. That’s SERVICE. That’s Ohana.

Another time after we finished shooting a wedding, we were craving breakfast and lunch foods late at night. Their team not only pulled together with the chef to create our special requests, but also created the most mouth-watering versions we could have asked for. Where else will we find ohana service like that?

Granted, there’s lots of places to eat around here. Yes, we work with many dining establishments for both our weddings and for our personal enjoyment –  we love you all! But Stella Blues Cafe was our extended living room when we needed space to share a crazy fun time with ohana.

Stella Blues Cafe took us under their wing for all our silly and crazy get-togethers.

. . . . .

We appreciate you Stella Blues Cafe.
You will always be part of our Ohana.
Best wishes and may many more doors open for you.


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