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Gay wedding in Maui

A Gay Wedding in Maui is the dream destination wedding for two beautiful ladies ____________________________________________________ From across the bar came the answer to my happiness… There she sat on that magical night. Two seats away was the most engaging smile I’d ever encountered.  I could feel my mood shift from[…] Read More →

Affordable Maui Photographer

Selecting the best affordable Maui photographer… There are many options for affordable Maui photographers – from beginning students to full time professionals. – but how do you find a really good, affordable Maui photographer? You ask around. You rely on the opinions of previous clients. We’re glad you do! Please[…] Read More →

Wedding Photographers in Seattle?

You heard right,  Wedding Photographers in Seattle (for a week)! Last week we had the extreme pleasure of being the wedding photographers in Seattle for a week in lieu of  the Wedding Photographers in Maui! We were flown to Seattle to capture the memories for 2 very beautiful couples and[…] Read More →