Wailuku Kokopele


The new, can’t miss of Wailuku!

WailukuAre you familiar with the Wailuku Banyon Tree with the stray chickens wandering under it? The previously empty corner that looked abandoned even though the most beautiful tree called it home…

Recently it was taken over by an eclectic group of young folks that have turned it into a magical forest!

Meet Jo, Mistic, Elijah, Kelly Love, and Jamie – the creative minds behind this community outreach concept. This innovative group is looking to make a huge impact on their community.

WailukuAs I understand it, their vision is to create a safe hang out spot aimed at local families. Strengthening the bond between parents and children and amongst families in general. Providing a safe environment where clean fun is the goal, you can feel secure letting your kids run around within this fenced in fairytale land. They sell food and drinks and provide a park-like atmosphere for families to stay cool in the shade and talk story. Some of these entrepreneurs are parents themselves. When interviewing Jo, he said that with a young child of his own, he knows the importance of ohana and wanted to strengthen the ties within his community.

Wailuku residents come together to strengthen their community…


the name of their brainchild. Behind the entrance sign lies the magic. Welcome to a world of picnic tables, gardens, grassy areas and public stage.

The goal of Kokopele is to not only offer monthly concerts under the Wailuku Banyon Tree; but also provide movie nights, open mic nights and family game nights on a regular basis.



Wailuku has an old world charm all its own. With Main Street shops, salons and repair services in close vicinity, why not make a day of it? Come check out the newest addition to our Wailuku Town.

Come be part of the community.

If you wish to share their vision and join their mailing list, please send an email to:

Kokopele maui@gmail.com

Have an aloha day!

The Penny Palmer Photography Team

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