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Manoli’s Pizza – Grand Opening week in Wailea

Nestled above the 15th hole of the Wailea Blue, one might feel that you’re looking out onto a park and pond (as a few young ones mistakenly did), but in actuality you’re enjoying one of the three beautiful golf courses that Wailea offers from Manoli’s Pizza.   While customers are[…] Read More →

Exploring Wailuku, Part III, things to do

Next stop on our tour of Wailuku included a visit to the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens.     There’s no entrance fee to wander around the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens which makes it an even better tour stop!  It’s a nice place to spend a pleasant afternoon with your kids[…] Read More →

Meet Mika, Weaver of Magic

There’s someone very special on the Island of Maui that most folks won’t have a chance to meet – unless you go looking for him. His name is Mika Villaren and he’s one of those magical types of people that simply LIVE the word ALOHA. We were fortunate to make[…] Read More →

Part IV – Palmer Travel Blog, Relocating to Maui

The wait is finally over and with it comes the final post for the traveling part of our blogging. Hurricane Daniel and Hurricane Emelia have come and gone, leaving the South side of the island as dry and needy as it was before the weather warnings. Even those of us[…] Read More →

Exploring Wailuku, Part II, Restaurants and Dining

The next must-stop on our Wailuku Tour was for lunch at the Café O’Lei Wailuku.   We’ve enjoyed many meals at the other Café O’Leis on the island, but if you get the chance to stop in here for lunch, be sure to ask to be served by Omi. She[…] Read More →

Exploring Wailuku, Part I

We spent the day exploring parts of Wailuku and found some gems we wanted to share with you. Over the course of the next couple blogs, we’ll show you some fun places you might not be aware of if you’re vacationing in other cities on the island.   Among them[…] Read More →

Experience Kula Country Farms!

  Welcome to a beautiful spot on Maui known as Kula Country Farms. Located on an ahupua’a owned by Mr. Henry Rice and his family since 1916, this farm offers acres of beauty, historical significance and family aloha.   We had the pleasure of spending the morning with enthusiastic owner,[…] Read More →

Part III – Palmer Travel Blog

After successfully purging ourselves of many of the items that once felt necessary, we were left with approx. 100 square feet of family heirlooms, warm weather clothing and basic necessities for our new home. The Allstate Shipping truck arrived and carried away our Matson container. The driver was courteous, funny[…] Read More →

Sharing the Aloha on Maui

As we prepare to leave for Maui we’re spending quite a bit of time researching local Maui volunteer organizations to coordinate stewardship opportunities for our home schooled daughter and family. We believe that Maui is no ka oi and giving back to the island for all it gives us is[…] Read More →

Part II… Palmer Travel Blog

Well, the word is out… new friends, old friends and clients alike are scheduling their dates to come visit. How exciting!  Part I – complete. Next came the downsizing. Going from a 2300 sq. foot, 3 bedroom, 2 car garage home to most likely a 2 bedroom condo required a lot[…] Read More →