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Ever wake up one morning and think, “this would be an amazing picture”? I do. I’m frequently laughed at for using my iPhone drawing program to sketch out my very artistic stick figure poses and coordinated props. It’s the fastest way that I can get the image in my head into a medium that I can discuss and plan for.


I take that idea and begin the development process. I start with the location and then the appropriate model “look”. I list out my props and figure out which companies we’ll partner up with to use their products for joint marketing. Once the concept is complete, we begin the technical preparation.

That’s the other Palmer’s forte. She decides all of the required apertures, ISOs, lighting, and the all important scheduling decision: the time of day/location that’s necessary to create this vision. I then get on the horn and contact everyone to set up the shoot.

On location, Penny’s creative eye finds the location and I begin setting up the model with my vision. I spare myself the embarrassment of showing her my artistic abilities, and move on to the demonstration (which in itself can be hilarious). After all the prep work and time involved for the entire team, we shoot until we have the best the situation has to offer and move out. Here’s the final shoot from that drawing above:


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow…. going from the beautiful stick drawing to that picture! That’s some process you have going there!