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Yesterday we set off to go do a photo shoot with our youngest model to date – 4 days old.  We showed up at their house with more luggage than the baby’s new Mommy. As we set up the studio in their living room, we had to laugh that the 80 pounds of gear was all to capture the essence of a 6-7 pound spirit. What a doll! (Literally)

Seeing as how she was born so close to Halloween, we thought we’d carve out a pumpkin and do some holiday shots for the new Mom and Dad. Incredibly, she found the most comfort in the womb of that great big pumpkin…

Working with newborns is an entirely different ballgame than working with older infants or toddlers.

Infants are not used to being out of their frog-like comfort position. They also get cold very fast. Most of the shoot time is spent comforting or warming the precious one. Patience is key.

After a long afternoon of socializing, cooing and a fantastic meal (thank you so much!) we ended up with a number of precious memories for the first time parents.


Many thanks to our wonderful new friends for letting us be your family photographers. We look forward to working with you again in the near future!

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