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Hey there! I know there are threads that compare these, but not from my needs perspective. My question is as a first time reverb pedal buyer. I... My strymon blue sky reverb pedal cost 0 alone so that shows that ... How to make a great ambient tone with a ... These cheap mini effects pedals ... Check out our list with recommended top rated reverb pedals. Comrehensive reviews of models from BOSS, TC, Electro-Harmonix and many more. I need cheap but nice, warm reverb. I like ambient, but I need more space for fingerstyle on telecaster. Which one do You recommend? Marshall EH-1 Echohead guitar effect I think that's the quickest way to get huge ambient washes on the cheap ... it is far from ambient. The reverb ... but for super ambient reverb I suggest ... Hi Seamus, what kind of reverb are you looking for... a bit of ambient reverb or dripping surf sounds? This info may help you narrow down choices. The best reverb effects pedals in the world today. ... "This kind of quality doesn't come cheap, ... by serving up the usual reverb suspects alongside ambient ... 5 of the top reverb pedals for guitar. Back to ... which are a perfect fit for more ambient/atmospheric/spacey ... but the aesthetics have a cheap coming book look ...

The Best Ambient Reverb TonePrints. There's nothing better than a wide washy reverb to make you slow down your playing and get into a more lyrical and melodic mindset ... If you are searching for the best reverb pedal, ... voices and ambient sounds for your ... of the reverb pedal. Some people prefer their reverb pedals to be more ...

Many of you might have seen the picture we posted last week on Facebook of a fantastic terrier/corgi mix that is currently being fostered and looking for a home. His current provider took him in, trained him and has been loving him ever since. If you know of a good home for him, please contact us…




More to the point is the idea that many of us try to make a difference in our communities. The Facebook community has grown leaps and bounds and as such, is now a marketplace to meet new people, stay in touch with old friends, or even help little strays such as Buster.


Last February Ginger Monteleone, a real estate photographer in Miami, took in a single stray named Cali and ended up a stray advocate photographer for a lot of other pups as well!  She used Facebook to connect with many other advocates. Kudos to all the photographers out there trying to make a difference! Check out Ginger’s article here:

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As many of you know Penny Palmer Photography does a lot of volunteer work with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (focusing on families and newborns).

We also like to go down to the Seattle Waterfront and feed the homeless in exchange for their time modeling for us and sharing their stories. If you’d like to go with us, please email us. It’s a win-win day for everyone!


We appreciate the opportunity to be involved in our community and welcome your suggestions and inquiries.


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