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We are so much like waves in a countless number of ways. Not just in strength, determination & consistency. We embrace and at the same time recoil. We reach out to the white sand and retract as we get there. We know what we want but hesitate along the way.


Have you ever observed a child growing up? They feel safe and begin to explore. They go further until the vulnerability sets in then they return to the safety of their home. Like waves in a rising tide, a little further each time. Stretch. Reach. Achieve. Regroup.


Adults are the same. Some adults choose to live like a tide pool, reaching a bit, then swirling aimlessly without stretching themselves any further. Others are like a tsunami, stretching too far, too hard, too fast causing devastation in their wake.


Life is a beautiful harmony of wavelike motions. Caress the sand, take calculated risks. Don’t take your goals by storm then fizzle out to nothing after something gets in your way. Don’t destroy those bridges that have gotten you this far! Set goals and reach for them. Regroup. Try again. Stretch.


Fears, insecurities, excuses all hold us back from reaching our goals, dreams & potential. Admit your fear and your dream. Glide up onto the beach. Focus on your dream. Regroup when you go astray. Try again. Over and over, flowing closer to your goal. Up onto the beach further and further toward your goal each time.


Take the opportunities afforded to you and carve your path. Build your own castle grain by grain. Don’t give up. Be the waves- relentless and strong! Stretch, reach, achieve, regroup.

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